It is estimated that about 5% of the Australian elderly is living in retirement homes. Despite the high number, seniors find it challenging to deal with the transition. It is especially the case if the elderly will be staying with a roommate at the assisted living community. As such, it is essential to prepare your senior loved one for the change. It starts with helping the loved one be a good roommate in an assisted living facility. Here are tips on how to achieve that.   

Determine Level of Privacy -- Depending on the living option you choose for a loved one, they can either live alone or with a roommate. However, most families prefer to have their loved one share space with a roommate given that rent in an assisted living community doesn't come cheap. Therefore, it is vital to help determine the level of privacy a senior loved one is comfortable with. For instance, if a senior citizen is exceptionally private, they will find living with a roommate difficult. If there is no option but to live with a roommate, find them a roommate who is compatible with their lifestyle.    

Help them Dress to Impress -- Dressing to impress is not the first thing most people think about when taking their elderly relatives to an assisted living community. The reason is that some senior citizens do not mind throwing on pyjamas. However, according to experts, reconsidering the day-to-day wardrobe of an elderly is crucial. Not only does an excellent outfit help with first impressions, but it can also be an excellent ice-breaker when trying to meet other residents in the facility. For example, a statement piece like a beautiful necklace or watch is a great conversation starter. A roommate might want to know where your mom or dad got the piece and that could be the beginning of a new friendship.   

Help Plan for Activities -- All assisted living communities have different activities for senior residents. The activities range from celebrating birthdays to fitness and dance classes.  Therefore, it is vital to ensure a facility's event calendar contains activities that your senior relative loves doing. If there is nothing they can enjoy, then it is highly likely that they will be a grumpy roommate. You can prevent this by asking the facility to include some of the activities your loved one enjoys in their events calendar. Signing up for the activities goes a long way towards helping the elderly to improve their relationship with a roommate.

Consider the roommate situation when looking for a retirement living centre for your loved one.