If your eyebrows are naturally sparse, you may have found it challenging to make them appear presentable. In most cases, people with misshapen or minimally present eyebrows will end up drawing them on, but this is in no way a long-term solution. And while microblading may have piqued the interest of a considerable number of Australians, the end result eventually will fade, and you will have to get your eyebrows redone. A more efficient solution you should consider is a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. This type of cosmetic tattoo provides you with a permanent solution for attractive eyebrows that will be profoundly transformative to your appearance. Nevertheless, you should also know how best to care for your tattooed eyebrows if they are to remain in pristine condition. Below are essential aftercare measures when getting cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.

Stay away from makeup and harsh cleansers

Most people will have a strict skin care routine to make sure that their skin stays poreless and flawless. However, once you have elected to have your eyebrows tattooed, it is critical to keep your new brows away from skin care products. Some of the products may contain strong chemicals that can fade the pigmentation. Secondly, products such as facial scrubs can ruin the colouration of the tattooed brows. The best option will be to stay away from any makeup or facial products until the tattooed eyebrows have healed.

Steer clear from additional facial cosmetic procedures

While cosmetic tattoo eyebrows are not one of the most serious cosmetic procedures that you can have, it is still advisable to limit any future cosmetic procedures until the brows have healed. For example, Botox is one of the most popular anti-ageing procedures. Nonetheless, the Botox injections could end up distorting your eyebrow tattoo, and this can mean permanent misshapen brows. If you are a fan of facial procedures, you should wait until your eyebrows are fully healed before you can have something else done to your face. 

Avoid direct sunlight

Although tattoo eyebrows are a permanent answer to lack of brow hair, you should bear in mind that any type of ink is vulnerable to degradation via ultraviolet exposure. Therefore, once you have had your eyebrows tattooed, it is in your best interest to ensure that you are staying away from direct sunlight until the brows have healed. Furthermore, it is also advisable to apply a coat of sunscreen on your eyebrows for a few weeks after the healing period.

For more information about cosmetic tattoo care, contact a local clinic that offers this service.