If your dentist offers bleaching treatments that you administer at home after you've had custom trays made, then you have to manage any whitening sessions you do out of the clinic. While it's important to make sure you follow your dentist's dosage and frequency instructions closely, you also have to follow other rules.

For example, you may need to eat and drink differently while you're going through home bleaching treatments. What do you need to know?

Eating With Trays

When you have your bleaching trays in, then you shouldn't eat or drink anything at all. Chewing movements make the trays move around when they are supposed to stay in place and fit snugly. This could prevent them from giving you an even bleach. Eating or drinking could also add staining to the teeth you're trying to whiten.

Eating After Bleaching

You also need to be careful what you eat or drink immediately after you've had your trays in. Depending on the treatment you're using, this could mean that you have to modify your diet for a day or even two days after each application. This allows the bleaching to settle in and avoids unnecessary staining that delays the end of your treatment.

For example, avoid eating or drinking anything that has a strong dark or deep colour. As a rule of thumb, use the staining principle. If something would stain your clothes if you dropped it on them, then you shouldn't expose your bleached teeth to it during this period. So, avoid things like tomatoes, blueberries and dishes that contain dark-coloured gravies, sauces or spices. Tea, coffee, colas and red wine aren't suitable drinks here either.

The best foods and drinks to eat are plain and white. Foods like chicken, white fish, pasta, rice and potatoes won't stain. Drinks like water and milk also work. If you want to drink alcohol, make your wine white or your spirits and mixers clear.

Tip: Smoking also stains teeth. Try not to smoke during times when you're eating and drinking colours carefully.

Putting some thought into what you eat and drink during your take-home bleaching treatment helps you achieve better overall results more quickly. If you aren't sure when you need to modify your diet or for how long you need to be careful after each application, ask your dentist for advice. They can also give you more pointers on foods you can eat safely and those you should avoid.