Tooth decay can be described as the damaging of a tooth's structure that affects both the dentin and enamel layers. This is mostly caused by the periodic build-up of plaque. Plaque is formed when the sugar that resides between your teeth and mouth attracts certain bacteria. As a result, plaque builds up over time, and since it is acidic in nature, it ends up eroding the enamel layer of your teeth. If the plaque is not controlled, the bacteria can spread to your gums and cause some inflammation.

These painful diseases can be avoided by properly taking care of your teeth and preventing decay. You can use the following tips to help you avoid tooth decay as well as keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Creating a consistent brushing schedule

Customarily, you are encouraged to always brush your teeth twice in a day or after each meal. This ensures that none of the food you have eaten will remain stuck between your teeth or in your mouth. It also ensures you have nice breath at all times. You should have a regular brushing schedule where you brush your teeth every morning and just before going to bed. Additionally, you should make sure your toothbrush has the right type of bristles. The bristles play an important part in cleaning your teeth, and they will improve the results of your brushing schedule. Examples of toothbrush bristles that you can buy are:

Soft, medium and hard bristles – For an individual suffering from any gum infections or sensitive teeth, dentists recommend soft bristle toothbrushes. These will prevent injuries and discomfort when brushing. However, people who do not have any gum infections or sensitive teeth are advised to use toothbrushes with firmer bristles. The medium bristles will remove any hidden food particles in your mouth. On the other hand, it is not advisable to use extremely hard bristles as they wear off some of the protective layers on your tooth. You may end up damaging the enamel layer, which may result in more dental problems.

Eat nutritious foods

It is imperative you eat nutritious foods and observe a balanced diet. This will keep your body healthy and capable of fighting off diseases. By avoiding sugary snacks and carbohydrates that stick on your tooth's surface, you will significantly reduce the chances of developing plaque in your mouth. Below are examples of nutritious foods that will help you to maintain healthy teeth.  

Cheese – It is important to include cheese in your diet as it helps prevent tooth decay. The cheese increases the pH levels in your mouth, which reduces the chances of the plaque developing between your teeth. It also contains proteins and calcium that help in strengthening the enamel layer.

Apples – This fruit is rich in fibre and contains a lot of water. When eaten, your mouth produces saliva that rinses away any food particles and bacteria in your mouth.