Just like humans, pets need to be cared for to maintain good health. Aside from proper nutrition, it is essential to ensure that your pets consume supplements to improve their immunity. They should also receive prompt treatment when they fall ill or are injured. In some instances, your pet may suffer a condition which requires long term medication. If the medication is discontinued and becomes unavailable in the drug stores, you may have a hard time trying to get alternative drugs. The best way to handle such a situation is to go for compounded pet medication.

What is compounded pet medication? 

Compounded pet medication is customized medication that is made to address specific treatment plans for specific animals. The drugs are formulated by pharmacists who are specially trained in compounding to create quality and effective medication. Compounded medication for pets can be in the form of oral tablets or topical medication for skin related conditions and injuries. If a particular medication is discontinued, the pharmacists can compound the required chemicals to come up with a suitable drug for the underlying condition.

Why choose compounded pet medication?

 Administering drugs to pets can be a daunting task. In fact, most of them such as cats will turn wild when you try to give them oral medication. Oral medication can be compounded in tasty flavors, which the pets can consume without resistance. Also, they are available in easy-to-administer dosage forms. Sometimes, several types of medications can be compounded into one drug to ease administration if your pet gets extremely wild.

When should you administer compounded medication?

There is no particular time when you can administer compounded pet medication. If your pet consumes daily supplements, you can have them compounded for easy intake. If your pet falls ill, you can visit a compounding pharmacy for a personalized treatment plan. Compounded medication can be your go-to option whenever your pet needs any form of medical attention.

How do you choose a compounding pharmacy?

Various pharmacies offer compounding services; therefore, the process of settling for one can be confusing. When selecting a pharmacy for compounded pet medication, have the following in mind.

•    Ensure that the pharmacists are registered with the Pharmacy Board of Australia. This is a proof of certification and integrity in pharmaceutical operations.

•    Make sure that the compounded drugs are taken through an on-site inspection for quality.

When meeting a pharmacist for compounded pet medication, let them know of any allergies that your pet may have so that the pharmacist can formulate the suitable medication with this in mind.