If you have previously been married and divorced, it can be tricky to reenter a new relationship and contemplate getting married again. Relationship counselling can often help you to deal with the emotional issues around being in a new relationship and maximise the chances of this relationship being successful. 

Processing issues to do with past relationship breakdowns

It's important to fully process any issues relating to how the previous relationship broke down. For example, if the previous relationship broke down due to cheating, it can be easy to look for evidence of cheating in the new relationship either consciously or subconsciously. This lack of trust can then be a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading the other party to feel unduly mistrusted. This means it's very useful to have counselling before you remarry so that you can deal with any of these concerns in a productive way and not allow them to affect this new relationship. 

Processing important issues to both people

As with all relationship counselling, it's important to discuss the issues that relate to joining your life together. If this is a later relationship, you may both have children, houses and differing financial capacity. It can be a good idea to negotiate issues such as where you will live and how you will manage your finances in a neutral environment. This can help you to resolve these issues before they become something to argue about later on. 

Processing issues with joining two families

Whenever you marry you bring your extended family together on some level, but if you both enter the relationship with children and ex-partners this can make the process of joining your family together extra challenging. It can also be hard if your or your partner's extended family still have affectionate feelings towards ex-partners. By discussing these issues in a counselling session, you can help to devise strategies to deal with these issues as a couple rather than feeling frustrated individually. You can also have a chance to explain any context to the families focus (for example, whether your ex-partner was very popular with your family due to a longstanding family friendship with their parents). This can make any issues feel less personal.

If you are about to enter a relationship after having been divorced previously, it can be a great idea to get some extra support through a counselling session. This can help resolve many relationship issues before they start and make you both feel happier and more comfortable in the relationship.